1st Reveal: Strawberry Choux Cake

5 thoughts on “1st Reveal: Strawberry Choux Cake”

  1. This is an awesome wrap-up of an awesome challenge! It looks like I have some reading to do about other baker’s experiences. Looking forward to carving out time to do just that!

    I want to thank you, Kelly, for starting this group. I know I never would have participated in such a thing if it were not spearheaded by such a passionate, genuine, knowledgeable and good-hearted person as I’ve come to know you to be. With Baking on the 15th, you’ve awakened an enthusiasm for “just because” baking which was sorely lacking from my life. It’s so heartening to know that this group is a celebration of the love of baking rather than a “who baked it best” competition. It’s all about the journey (and hopefully a successful and tasty destination)!

    SO MUCH looking forward to participating in future challenges to enjoy, as you say, “It’s such a pleasant diversion!” The world needs more pleasant diversions. Thank you for providing this one.


    1. I’m so glad you’re doing this with us! I know how busy you are and it’s just another wonderful connection for me to you. Baking is most definitely a pleasant diversion–especially when it’s “just because.” I think what I love most about challenges like this is that it can’t be about which is best. Nobody can taste anyone else’s bake other than those we share it with in our home lives. I like that part. We’re left to those judgments which are the most constructive. Hugs to you, dear lady.


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